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  • The Allgäu-based company Hübner-KTB Oberflächentechnik GmbH is getting a new managing director: Guido Marenbach, previously a member of the advisory board, will take over the position from Dr Lars Wiegmann, who successfully managed Hübner-KTB Oberflächentechnik (or Kunststofftechnik Bernt GmbH before the merger) for many years. Dr. Lars Wiegmann moves to the advisory board.

    After 19 years at Kunststofftechnik Bernt GmbH and two years at Hübner KTB Oberflächentechnik, Dr. Lars Wiegmann will end his successful activity as managing director at his own request. Under his leadership, Kunststofftechnik Bernt GmbH has developed into a leading international company for the production of galvanised plastic parts with over 300 employees. After the merger with Hübner Oberflächentechnik GmbH about two years ago, he also took over the management of the new parent company and was responsible for the integration of the two companies into the new structure and the strategic development of the entire group.

    Guido Marenbach will be the new managing director from 16 January 2023. Thanks to his many years of management experience in the automotive supply industry and in the field of plastic parts and surface technology, he has extensive industrial experience. Guido Marenbach has been a member of the advisory board of Hübner-KTB Oberflächentechnik for four years and is therefore already familiar with the company, many employees and the strategic priorities.

    Lars Wiegmann will remain a shareholder in the company and will also join the advisory board as a new member. This ensures that the company will continue to benefit from Wiegmann’s extensive know-how and many years of experience. Dr. Carsten Brockmann, co-managing director of the group for many years, will continue to perform his previous function and, as before, will be mainly responsible for project management and production.

    Werner Schnorf, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Hübner-KTB Oberflächentechnik, says: “We thank Lars Wiegmann for his many years of valuable service. Together with the rest of the management team, it is thanks to him that Hübner-KTB Oberflächentechnik is solidly positioned today and in an excellent position for future growth. Guido Marenbach is another experienced manager – we are convinced that he will seamlessly continue the success story with his professional know-how and knowledge of our company.”