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    Surface finishing Electroplating Product development Injection moulding Toolmaking Assembly Laser technology

    We stand for highest precision:

    • low material degradation
    • high durability and resistance
    • precise positioning of lettering
    • individualisation and personalisation


    In our laser production, we process the components that have been pre-treated in the electroplating process in such a way that no chrome or metal layer grows in the specified symbols during the final coating. This makes it possible to create very fine symbols as well as lines and high-precision lettering that can be illuminated in the night design. Another special feature is our hidden line process, which creates structures that are largely invisible in daytime design and yet can be illuminated in the dark. Semi-automatic and fully automatic machines are used in this area and quality monitoring is carried out via camera inspection. Our marking fields go up to 600 mm x 600 mm. We manufacture on 5 laser systems, 2 precision lasers and 2 fully automatic machines. Various laser technologies and applications are protected by our own patent or utility model rights.

    • camera inspection
    • high automation
    • hidden – line
    • high precision labelling

    For the sake of the environment!

    We take responsibility for the environment and are committed to a sustainable future. By optimising our processes, we minimise our environmental impact and help protect our planet - for a greener and more liveable future!


    Here you can find documents and certificates of Hübner-KTB: