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    Surface finishing Electroplating Product development Injection moulding Toolmaking Assembly

    • Surface Technology & Electroplating
    • Product development & injection moulding
    • Toolmaking & Assembly

    Hübner-KTB Oberflächentechnik GmbH is a competent, reliable and certified development partner and supplier of high-quality galvanised plastic parts. With us, you get the complete value chain from a single source.

    Quality products



    • Technical functional parts
    • Surface parts
    • Complete assemblies
    • Day-night design
    • Interior and exterior components
    • Striking design
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    • Operating consoles
    • Front elements
    • Wide range of variants
    • Low component weight
    • Cost-effective series production
    • Customer-specific components
    • Buttons, knobs, handles, lids,
      trims, frames, etc.
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    • Good handling and cleaning properties
    • Modern, classic or extravagant designs
    • Printing and mounting
    • Scratch-resistant surfaces
    • High-quality galvanised WC push plates, shower heads or siphons
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    We develop and manufacture custom-fit component solutions in close cooperation with our customers.
    Our end-to-end value chain of toolmaking, injection moulding, electroplating and assembly is carried out under our own responsibility.


    m2 production area


    Injection moulding machines

    Production techniques

    In application, galvanised plastic parts offer the possibility of underlining the value of your product with real metal and also enables excellent functional integration with low weight.

    Injection moulding

    Plastic injection moulding

    Hübner-KTB Oberflächentechnik GmbH produces customised components using 1K, 2K and 3K plastic injection moulding processes. After individual consultation, we offer you the best possible solution, taking into account economic and technical aspects.

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    Plastic electroplating

    Electroplating of plastics guarantees a high-quality finished surface and meets the requirements of our customers - high scratch resistance, better heat resistance, protection against the effects of UV light, etc.

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    As a recognised surface coater, we offer the best of two technology processes. PVD and plastic electroplating provide the greatest possible variety of combinations to achieve a perfect, durable and optically brilliant surface.

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    Laser technology

    Laser technology

    In our laser production, we process the components pre-treated in the electroplating process in such a way that no chrome or metal layer grows in specified symbols during the final coating. This makes it possible to create very fine symbols as well as lines and precise lettering that can be seen through in the night design.

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    For the sake of the environment!

    We take responsibility for the environment and are committed to a sustainable future. By optimising our processes, we minimise our environmental impact and help protect our planet - for a greener and more liveable future!

    Staff comments

    The highest quality standards, consistent teamwork and the best expertise form the pillars of our success.

    “Together with my team, we continuously plan, coordinate and monitor your project. From the enquiry to series delivery, your personal project manager is the interface and is in regular contact with you so that requirements and expectations are fully met. To be able to offer the highest quality, we ensure that quality standards are met and never lose sight of the budget.”

    Thomas Sommer, Head of Project Management

    “The secret of any company’s success is to nurture people’s genuine gifts and talents and place them exactly where they are allowed to flourish in them. With straightforwardness and sincerity into the future!”

    Guido Marenbach, Managing Director

    “With our know-how and our innovative solutions, we are the ideal partner for excellent surface finishing and individual design of components. From state-of-the-art PVD equipment to the finishing and labelling of components with effects such as colour change, gold transfer or blackmarket, we offer you maximum individualisation.”

    Denis Holdenried, Technical Manager MuV