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    Surface finishing Protection of nature Conservation

    We also take responsibility for the protection of nature:

    • water resource management
    • circular economy
    • energy-efficient production


    Hübner-KTB Oberflächentechnik GmbH produces galvanised plastic parts. The chemical processes used for this are operated with particular responsibility and care. The professional qualification of the responsible employees is an essential building block for compliance with legal and internal requirements. Management systems for the environment, occupational safety, energy efficiency and incidents support the employees and management in this important task. Furthermore, KTB uses considerable resources to keep the environmental impact of production as low as possible.

    Our goal is to minimise our ecological footprint, so as a company we pay attention to our actions!

    • responsible use of resources
    • continuous optimisation of our production processes
    • raising employee awareness of sustainability issues
    • own production of renewable electricity
    • sustainable supply chains
    • and much more.